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Beginners DVDs

Bonsai Lessons (Lloyd Noall) - Vol.1 [2006] £15.99 PAL. Region: All Regions. Running Time: 75min.

Provides a grounding in some elements of bonsai care for beginners, in a clear manner.

Aimed at anyone new to the art of Bonsai, giving practical advice on what makes a good bonsai and how to select your first tree. He goes on to cover the key elements of watering and positioning an indoor tree to help ensure it grows successfully. The important aspect of how to check that a Bonsai needs watering is also explained. Watering is a subject that can be difficult to explain in a book, and is an area where a DVD can excel, as the viewer can see exactly what the presenter is discussing. The basic aspects of pruning are discussed with Lloyd explaining about adding shape and taper using pruning. Other areas such as repotting are discussed in less detail, presumably to be covered in Volume 2.

Intermediate and Advanced DVDs

Bukex & Terry Foster Demo Acer Bonsai productions, PAL. Region: All Regions. Running time mins £15 including P&P.

This record of the Bukex Show opens with club displays and traders offerings and then highlights some of the masterpieces of British Bonsai in a delightful setting. A dramatic, detailed and complete demo by Terry Foster working on a well established yamadori Scots Pine concludes the DVD. A preview is available here.

Bonsai In Japan

This title is in production. The finished version will include details of the rarely visited growing fields of that supply Tokyo's nurseries, the delights of Kokufu Ten show and the Green Club sales area, Kunio Kobayashi's nursery Shunka En, Saburo Kato's nursery Mansei En,

Intermediate and Advanced Books

Mame and Shohin Books

Indoor Bonsai Books



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